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Before getting my Mustang, I joined a club called Montreal Mustang (the largest Mustang Car Club in Quebec) which allowed me to gather information on my future purchase, and link up with people of a like mind. Through the club, I have met incredible people of all ages with the same love of the iconic Muscle Car, and a passion to drive and personalise them. The variety of modifications and personalies these cars took on made me want to customise mine too, maybe to a lesser degree than many in the club.

Through the club I also met great people who through their love of vintages helped fan the fires so that I would eventually get mine too so that I could realise that teen dream.

So, if you have continued interest in this story of mine, here's your options menu's on the side bar.. While I have hundreds of pictures in an older Gallery, I am currently converting it as it doesn't integrate very well with the site. Most pictures I have taken are usually dropped into a movie of some sort which will eventually make the gallery redundant unless you want to pick a picture off of it.

ABOUT            Will take you to the specs for my cars and from there links to the various changes I made to each

EVOLUTION  Will take you directly to a Mods link for each of my cars

VIDEO             Direct Link to multiple videos of activities done with the club and with my friends. These are
                         FLASH videos, as they load and stream much faster than any MP4 videos regardless of what Steve
                         Jobs ever had to say about it!

LINKS             A smorgasborg of links bringing you to some of my favourite forums, on-line vendors and Mustang 
                         reference sites

PICTURES       Link to my old gallery (will be converting over to something better soon)

CONTACT      If you want to drop me a line and let me know what you like and don't like.