Speed Kills – the wallet?? La vitesse tue – le portefeuille!!

Good video that analysis and debunks the “Speed kills” myth touted about by the media and police without any substantiation.  Its amazing what facts and research can do to enlighten people.  Unfortunately, the right people are not about to act!

Une très bonne analyse des mythes entourant les limites de vitesses et leur incidences sur les accidents.


Too Funny ..


Oh well someone posted this on FaceBook .. thought it was appropriate .. I don’t know who to attribute it too .. so I’ll take a chance at posting here.

Feel free to change the name of the gas station to your favourite local rip-off artist .. lol

VIP sale at Ford

So last I get a letter invite, and a follow-up phone call with appointment time, to go see my dealer for “incredible” year end deals. Now, being a sucker for free food and drink, I make the appointment and head on down with the girlfriend to partake in the party and listen to the pitch. Well colour me disappointed ..

No food, warmish coffee, but LOTS of blue and white balloons all over! My salesman (a great guy) comes over and taunts me with “have I got a car for you”! HA! and then he takes me in the body shop and shows me one of the most GORGEOUS convertible GT500s I have seen! He wasn’t kidding! Candy Apple red, black interior, screaming engine, beautiful exhaust note and a price tag to go along with it all – 80k$ – gulp!

Now he says to me that they scoured all over Canada to find one of these, but had to bring it in from the US since only a limited number are available anywhere. And they already have buyers lined up for it with a firm offer awaiting approval! The girlfriend, seeing the tear in my eye, suggest selling both the 68 and my vert to get this beauty in the garage (I personnaly think she only wants to recuperate her side of the garage). While tempting, I think NOT!

So, once I stopped drooling all over the garage floor, we went back in to ostensibly discuss the incredible deals .. unfortunately, there were a couple of VIPs who had signed in before my VIP sign in, and they were VIPed ahead of us. So we hung around the showroom, listening to crazy Ford CDs whenever someone bought a car – getting “special additional discounts” – what a croc. And we wound up sitting in a nice blue convertible with a reddish interior (looked weird, but it kind of grows on you). And the Fiesta buyers weren’t leaving.  So after a loooong time, we slinked out of the Mustang, I gave my sales guy my best “call me” gesture and we left.

Will he call? Will he give me a great price? Most importantly, will the offer on my return be of interest and value to me or not? Time will tell .. stay close!

Premier post dans mon – BLOG – First Post

So this is me trying out this blogging thing.  I thought it would make for an interesting integration into my web site.  Lets see what it does.  The nice thing so far is that I can integrate this directly into my site theme pages without seemingly any issues.

Alors voici mon premier “Blog”.  Je crois que ç’est probablement un dénouement intéressant qui pourrai m’apporter plus de visiteurs.. On vera bien en temps et lieu.