There are a lot of Mustang car sites out there some good some bad, but all of them express the ongoing universal love for an American icon .. here's a little of mine..

When I was but a pre-teen in the mid sixties, this incredible new type of car hit the show rooms. Nobody knew the impact this car would have on the automotive industry .. yet .. and nobody cared really .. this was the '60s a coming of age for early baby boomers, the era of renewal, new music, new thoughts, a new collective consciousness, freedom and peace and love. Maybe I'll write about some of this in the BLOG portion of the site .. in the meantime, this is about the Mustang!

The Mustang ushered in the pony cars - so called because of their long front ends and short trunks .. and spawned numerous muscle car rivalries - Camaros, Firebirds, GTOs, 'Cudas and so on. While interested, my teen years were spent, as most teens in the era, pretty much in navel gazing, angst and the pursuit of the perfect high.  And then THIS

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